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From: Zamri Nanyan
Location: Penang, Malaysia

RE: Not An Ordinary Book You Wanna Miss!

The Four Weeks To Freedom is a book about the author seeking mentorship from an internet millionaire to help him quit his day job and build an internet business full time. You will read the actual conversations between Zamri Nanyan and his mentor, Patric Chan starting in the next few pages.

To ease readability and to make you understand the content better, the interview transcripts presented in this book have been edited. The unedited version is still preserved and available at www.TheFourWeeksToFreedom.com.

On this website, you’ll have the chance to grab the audio version and listen to the whole conversations unfiltered, unedited. Take the time to visit the website when you have the chance.

Although the contents from this book are a lot more about internet business, you might find some of the gems inside are applicable in the conventional business as well.

Those who have been in internet business for awhile and are struggling to make it work, you will find the information inside refreshing and probably it’s going to be your reference at all times in the future. So, keep this book handy because you will need it now – and later.

At some point, you might not understand why the contents are presented in such a way. It’s because this book is not an ordinary manual on how to use Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or anything similar to those social networks. This book is also not about how to build mini-sites to sell digital infoproducts. Other people have come out with such courses and you can buy them at many places on the internet, or even in the local bookstores now.

This book is far from telling you how to join any internet get-rich-quick schemes. It is also not about step-by-step guide to build a beautiful website. Other people can teach you these too.

What you will be holding in your hand is actually a 5-figure value book about how you should plan ahead and strategize to quit your job and build an internet business full time. The Four Weeks To Freedom is the bird’s eye view of the plan, the strategy and the tactics of building an internet business.

It is based on the experience and wisdom of a successful internet millionaire that you’ll never find such information elsewhere. Look around and you’ll agree with me.

And, I’m not kidding when I say it’s a 5-figure value book because that is how much I paid Patric to get his wisdom for me to quit my day-job. Now you are getting the same information that I received from Patric.

I took the same information that you are about to read, applied it and made a 6-figure income in a month after the launch of the digital version of The Four Weeks To Freedom. I do not mean to brag. My intention is to make you value the book as much as it should be and apply the knowledge inside for your own good.

Do not treat this book lightly because you’ll know that other people are making good income from the information in this book. You’ll also get the same information. So, the question is “why shouldn’t you be like them, making a killing on the internet too?”

In The Four Weeks To Freedom, I’ll reveal some personal story about how I started to fall in love with internet business. Then, we’ll jump into the actual conversations right away.

Hang on tight! You’re about to be blown away by what Patric and I are about to share with you.




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From Well-known Individuals

"This book is a precious gold nugget..."

The Four Weeks To Freedom is a straightforward guide on how to setup an Internet business without burning a hole in one's pocket. Zamri and Patric provide a detailed description on how to do this very effectively while maintaining family values and ties. This book is a precious gold nugget that cannot be missed. GET IT NOW!

Azizi Ali
Malaysia's #1 Financial Author, Speaker & Trainer


"You'll get only the BEST from this book..."

Congratulations, Zamri!

The Four Weeks To Freedom is a book that's eye-opening and jam-packed with useful information. What's more important is that this information is coming from two most respected Internet marketers in the country. The methods, strategies and tactics on building a real internet business are practical and based on actual experience.

You can be sure you'll get only the BEST from this book.

Abang Abu
A millionaire Speaker & Trainer, Author and Reliable Coach


"It gives you the blueprint..."

The Four Weeks To Freedom is a book that anyone who wants to make money from the internet shouldn't miss reading. It gives you the blueprint to start a real internet business - not just some quick gimmicks on how to make a little penny here and there. If you follow the advice and tips in the book, I'm confident that you will succeed.

Congratulations Zamri, on a book well written!

Dato' Dr. Rusly Abdullah (Dato' Chef Li)
Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Trainer

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